Bena Traditional Village in Flores Island Indonesia

Bena Traditional Village in Flores Island Indonesia

A megalithic village preciously located in Aimere district, Ngada regency in Flores Island. Bena village is a pure traditional of Ngada culture. There are 9 ethnic groups living in the village, the main clan is Ngada which firstly inhabited in the village. Matrilineal marriage system slightly different in Ngada culture with the rest in Flores Island in which applied Patrilineal.

Ngadu and Bhaga are the most important of traditional houses of Ngada ethnic group. Ngadu looks like an umbrella as a symbol of male ancestor. Ngadu is also as a symbol of boldness and protection of family members. While Bhaga looks like small miniature as a symbol female ancestor.

Once in a year inhabitants have a holy traditional ceremony called Reba held in January or February. Reba is annual thanksgiving ceremony to respect their ancestor and also life evaluating for villagers in prior year. Reba traditional ceremony spends 3 or 4 days, all people must participate to perform traditional dances accompanied by traditional songs. Buffaloes, pigs, and chickens are animals sacrificed during the ceremony held.

The villagers in the Bena village mostly are farmers, they cultivated cash crops like maize, paddy, sweet potato, and taro and also they cultivated cash crops to earn money such as clove, coffee and candle nut. Arabic is the most famous coffee production from Flores to be imported abroad.

Bena village can be reached from Bajawa town by car or motorbike. It is 17 km and takes 30 minutes driving.

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