Kelimutu Three colour Lakes

Kelimutu Three colour Lakes

Kelimutu Lake is located in Ende regency in Flores Island. Kelimutu Crater Lake was a result of volcanic eruption. Van Suchtelen, a military from Dutch found the lake in 1915 and became more famous since Y. Bouman wrote an interesting article in 1929 under title of ‘charming of Kelimutu three Color Lake from Flores Island. The lake is situated at 1939 m above sea level.

Kelimutu volcano has three Crater Lake of different color and local people of Lio ethnic group have their own belief where the spirit of people who have passed away stay in these three lakes. Tiwu ata Bupu as a place to stay spirit of old people. While the others two lakes, Tiwu Ko’o Fai Nuwa Mori as a place to stay for spirit of young people and Tiwu Ata Polo as a place for spirit of people who always make mistakes during living in the world. Geologist findings changing the color of the lakes any time is due to chemical reaction of dissolving mineral in the bottom lake.

Patika is annual traditional ceremony usually made by Lio ethnic group for spirit of People who have died in Kelimutu Lake. The ceremony is held in august, local people from Lio clan will offer something for their ancestors like rice, pork, coffee and mineral water. After Patika ceremony finished, people will perform traditional dance called Ngawi. Ngawi is thanksgiving dance and the players wear traditional dress.

You will start early morning from Moni village where you stay for overnight, drive up to parking point and trekking for 30 minutes to reach the top. You will have beautiful shot of sun rise while spotting the crater of lakes.

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