Komodo dragon

  1. Komodo dragon

Komodo dragon is found only in five islands (komodo island, Rinca, Padar, Gili Motang and Nunca Kode) in Komodo National Park Indonesia. They are also found in north part of Flores Island, but the size of Komodo dragon smaller than the ones found in Komodo National Park according to the research of scientist in 2012. Komodo dragon found by Steyn Van Hansbroek in 1912.

The biggest measure of Komodo dragon is 3 meters in length and its weight 30 kg. They can live until 50 years. In June and July is the mating season of Komodo dragon. During this period, it is hard to find them because male dragons have to look for female ones. Incubation period takes 7-9 months. On march or April hatching time. When they hatched, babies dragon have to climb up the tree and stay for several years to keep away from large dragon due to biggest one will kill the small ones. During they live on the tree, they feed on geckoes, lizard and caterpillar.

Komodo dragon belongs to cool-blooded reptile, usually active in the day time. In the morning, they will go to hilly area or opened area in which they could bask their body from sun shine. Komodo dragon can swim until five hundred meters, but cannot stay longer avoiding their body temperature will down.

Komodo dragon have any kinds of senses like human being, they rely on smelling something because they have a super nose called Jacobson located in their throat. They can detect scent by flicking tongue up to 5 km away. Komodo dragon is dangerous animal, they have some deadly bacteria in their salvia. they can kill and eat straight away deer, wild board and monkeys, but when they killed buffaloes, horses, they just leaving bite on leg first while waiting for couple of days until those animals die due to blood-poisoning. All the visitors who come to visit Komodo in Komodo National Park must be accompanied by official park ranger.

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