Komodo National Park in Indonesia

  1. Komodo National Park in Indonesia

Since Komodo National Park has been designated as one of the national parks in Indonesia to protect Komodo dragon as the largest living lizard on globe. Besides; Komodo dragon as the main purpose of conservation in the park, but also to protect other wild life including either land or Marine Park. Many animals living in the park such as monkeys, buffaloes, deer and etc. these animals are freely living and become main food of Komodo dragon that famous as carnivores and cannibal.

Komodo National Park in Indonesia is located right between two provinces, they are East Nusa Tenggara Province and West Nusa Tenggara Province. Three major Islands within Komodo National park namely: Komodo, Rinca, and Padar, and two smaller islands of Nuca Kode and Gili Motang.

Komodo Island

Komodo Island is the biggest island in the park and total area of Komodo Island is 390 square kilometers. Komodo Island is barren region, deciduous trees are found during dry season. Palm trees well-grown and become the most spectacular scenery the whole island. This island is also home of unique animal called Komodo dragon, the largest living lizard in planet as the last dinosaur’s ancestors. Besides that; other animals can be seen in this island such as deer, horses, buffaloes, pigs. The types of birds living in Komodo Island such as cockatoo, green imperial pigeon, noisy fire birds and also some kinds of poisonous snakes namely spiting cobra, Russell viper and green tree viper. Historically Komodo dragon and other animals living in Komodo Island migrated from Australia during glacial era. They migrated by crossing a big land bridge of Sahul mainland. Steyn Van Hansbroek, a military from Dutch came to Komodo Island to recognize and research Komodo. The survey taken in 2018, total Komodo dragon in Komodo Island is 1300.

Rinca Island

Rinca is second Major Island located nearby Labuan Bajo town, west Manggarai regency, East Nusa Tenggara province. Rinca Island Famous for Komodo dragon and is also occupied by other animals such as monkeys, buffaloes, deer, wild board and etc. total of the area of Rinca Island is 198 square kilometers. Rinca and Kerora are two villages located in Rinca Island. Majority of people are fisherman. People’s life in the island is so tough, for getting daily needs like rice, they must sail to closer town Labuan Bajo to buy it. Education and health are two main problems for villagers. Despite of education is free for their children as eradicating illiterate program from government, but less than 20 % get an education. Pure water is also hard to get for people to consume, most of people suffered from diseases like malaria and diare.

Padar Island

Padar is the third major island besides Komodo and Rinca Island in Komodo National Park. It lies between Komodo and Rinca Islands. The island is also Komodo occupied and other wild animals such deer, mouse and several poisonous snakes including cobra and green tree viper. It is hard to spot Komodo dragon or probably have become extinct due to deciduous trees and less food for them to eat. Padar Island is the most spectacular view point of three beaches namely white, black and pink ones. Beautiful scenery of three beaches in Padar Island looks like three Color Lake of kelimutu. Although you

are exhausted tracking to reach the top, you are paid by witnessing gorgeous view point. Taking a rest for time being on top and make some shots before descend to boat.

Disputing of the existence of people living in the Park

There are four villages located in Komodo National Park such as Komodo village in Komodo Island, Rinca and Kerora villages situated in Rinca Island and Papagarang village located close by Rinca Island. Most of the villagers’ occupation as fisherman. They originally came from south Sulawesi, Bima and also Manggarai. In accordance of Indonesian regulation; people are not allowed to stay in protecting area, moreover it is dangerous region, but the villagers claimed that they have arrived and stayed in the park before it was established. People firstly arrived in Komodo Island in 1928; while Komodo National Park founded in 1980.

Some activities you can do when you visit Komodo National Park

Trekking, diving and snorkeling are the major activities during tour in Komodo National Park. Both islands of komodo and Rinca are accompanied by official park ranger during tracking to discover the island. There four options for trekking to discover these two islands, they are adventure, long, medium and shot tracking. You can choose one of these options. Visitors are recommended to wear on proper trekking shoes, bring a bottle of mineral water, and especially for women are not allowed to enter the park during menstruation period because komodo is sensitive indeed with blood. Many diving spots surrounding Komodo National Park such as Pink beach, Tatawa, Manta Point. The prettiest places within Komodo National Park for snorkeling are: first one is Pink Beach in Komodo Island. A beautiful beach admired visitors for relaxing, sun bathing lie in a clean pink sandy beach. You can also enjoy snorkeling to see amazing view of underwater panoramic like any kinds of fishes and colorful of coral reefs. Second one is Manta Point. Manta Ray is also well-known for its uniqueness where the only one found in Manta Point. The biggest size can grow up to 3 meters in length. Sometimes, we can spot them from the boat if they are swimming on water surface. They usually appeared on water surface when they are going to clean their body and also looking for plankton as their main food. The third one is Siaba Island. This small unique place where you can see turtles by doing snorkeling.

How to get to Komodo National Park

Wooden motorized boat and speed boat are the options to get to Komodo National Park. Classification of boats tour depending on guests’ request. Boats tour are open deck, standard Cabin boat + fan, Standard cabin boat + AC, semi phinisi Boat and Phinisi luxury boat.

If you would like to visit Komodo National Park in Flores Island Indonesia, you can take flight from Bali, Jakarta and Surabaya to Labuan Bajo, Ende and Maumere as main entrance way to Flores Island.

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