Riung 17 Island Marine Park

Riung 17 Island Marine Park

Visit Flores Island without including Riung 17 islands Marine Park in your tour package is not so complete. Besides Kelimutu three Color Lake as the most famous, Riung Marine Park also is a must to be discoved by visitors. Riung is popular for diving and snorkeling in in pristine clear sea water.

Riung is included popular Marine Park in north Coast of Flores Island. It has 17 gorgeous islands where you can do activities of your memorable vacation. Kalong Island is one of the most visited islands in Riung Marine Park. In this island, you will witness thousands of flying foxes come out from mangrove forest. During the day they hang on themselves in mangrove trees and active at night time. When sun set or it is going to dark, the bats will fly over to Surroundings Island to obtain fruits and can fly away 5 km.

Rutong Island is also spectacular place for snorkeling to see world class of fishes and incredible coral reefs. Relaxing on the beautiful white sandy beach, sunbathing will make complete your holiday in Riung Marine Park. You can go hiking to the top of Rutong Island to witness diamond view of Blue Ocean and fishing village of Riung. Unforgettable moment during Riung Marine Park tour is having delicious barbecue. You will have fresh grilled fished just caught by fisherman. Lunch will be served on the white beach while breathing gentle wind from the ocean.

Before and after doing your tour to Riung Marine Park, you can stay in some guest houses in Riung village. Simple restaurants are available for tourist to have lunch and dinner. They dominantly provide sea food as the main course. Starting point of your tour from Riung village. A wooden fisherman boat will take you to some destinations.

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