Wae Rebo Traditional Village in Flores Indonesia

Wae Rebo Traditional Village in Flores Indonesia

A small traditional village located in Satarmese district, Manggarai regency Flores Indonesia. The village was selected as well-preserved culture of Manggarai in 2012 by UNESCO. Wae Rebo is a unique isolated village surrounded by mountainous and dense forest. The village situated 1200 m above sea level. People who have lived in the village already eighteenth generations and their ancestor called Empo Maro.

The typical traditional houses in Wae Rebo village is Mbaru Niang in which the roof completely made of thatch and palm fiber. There are five level of Mbaru Niang: the first stage called lutur for inhabitant to stay, the second one called Lobo for store food like corn and paddy, the next up level called Lentar and its function to store seeds for next planting, the fourth one called Lempa Rae and it is used to put precious things descended from their ancestor, and the last one called Hekang Kode and its function as a place to put offering for their ancestor.

Majority of people in Wae Rebo village are Christian Catholic and their occupation as farmers. The villagers planted crops and cash crops such as coffee, cinnamon, clove as their commercial commodity to earn money. For children have to go outside of Wae Rebo village to get basic and higher education. People rely on herbal medicine, there is no hospital or public health care for villagers to get treatment when they suffer from such kinds of diseases.

There is no accessibility to reach the village, and could be reached only on foot. The basic reason that not open accessibility is to keep preserve of isolation in order to not untouched able by modernization life. You can reach the village from Labuan Bajo by car, and it spends time 7 hours driving or from Ruteng, the capital town of Manggarai regency, it takes 4 hours driving by car to Denge. Denge is starting point to do trekking to the village and it takes 3 or 4 hours to get the village.

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