About Us

Diamond Komodo Tours is one of local tour operators situated in Labuan Bajo, western part of Flores Island, East Nusa Tenggara province – Indonesia. We organize tour packages for travellers to discover Komodo Island and Flores Island. Komodo Island Tour package is tour to visit unique animal called Komodo dragon as monitor living lizard on planet in Komodo National Park. Some activities also be done in Komodo National Park is hiking and snorkeling to see the animals living in the land and also enjoy the beauty of underwater. Komodo National park was established in 1980 and in 2011 became one of the seventh wonder of Natures in World. the main purpose of establishing the park is to protect animals either in marine or in land. Komodo dragon living in five islands they are Komodo, Rinca, Padar islands and two smaller islands of Gili Motang and Nunca  Kode.

Diamond Komodo Tours managing individual Tour, honeymoon, small and big group. these facilities provided depanding on guests’ request. Flores Island Tour Packages, special tour packages exploring Flores island with its uniqueness of culture, amazing of nature such as Kelimutu, Theree colour lakes with its respective colour and diamond of people life style.

Diamond Komodo Tours also offers tour for passangers from cruise ship. Komodo Island Shore excursion Tour focuses on witnessing komodo dragon and snorkel to see fishes and colorful of coral reefs. labuan Bajo as the main tourism destination region in Flores Island has more good standard hotel and the rest town are being made.  there are several gateway to go in and out in Flores Island like Labuan Bajo, Ende and Maumere.

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